Heavy duty solutions by Toni Maurer

Pure horsepower is not everything, the torque, wheelbases and wheel formulas are sometimes of much greater importance. Whether you need it to be very compact at the front (so it can get longer in the rear), more fifth wheel-load, or a particular specification for a individual vehicle, we will add extra axles, swap non-propelled to driven axles and build your special heavy duty tower behind the cab. In addition to the strong MAN powertrain and high-torque axles, the cab also offers large-volume space for both working and living. By listening carefully to the operator and the driver, we have a variety of solutions and are able to create a vehicle that exactly fits to your demand.


Heavy duty machines 3-axle in individual form

MAN offers 6×4 semitrailer tractors. We equip these with additional tank systems, the appropriate load-sensing central hydraulics (for the supply of the trailer’s steering system / gooseneck of the low loader) and storage boxes, recognizable by various tower structures behind the cab.

Thus, your vehicle can simply do more and exactly what it should. No more and no less, but cost-effective according to your requirement.

Heavy duty 3-axle machines with more traction

If three driven axles are necessary then 6H6 Hydrodrive or 6×6 tractors are available ex works. We equip these with additional tank systems, load-sensing hydraulics and storage boxes, recognizable by the various tower structures behind the cab. If two driven axles are necessary – driven with front and last rear axle – we add into 4H4 Hydrodrive or 4×4-base vehicle a leading axle and reach the target formula 6H4/4 Hydrodrive or 6×4/4 in conventional four-wheel drive.

And if you want it to be as low as possible in the back, we will modify the frame in the Toni-Maurer-way of cranking the frame: front high & low rear.

Heavy duty 4-axle machines with short wheelbase

MAN offers 6×4 semitrailer tractors with leaf-air suspension (front axle leaf suspension, rear axle air suspension). We equip these with a leading axle, additional tank systems, load-sensing hydraulics and storage boxes, recognizable by the various tower structures behind the cab. This results in a tailor-made cost-efficient 8×4/4 tractor unit, without torque converter or other equipment, which is only necessary in absolute heavy transportation tasks. We achieve enormously short wheelbases – in favor of the overall length with a higher total train weight. We realize the wheelbases (between axle 1 and 3) of 3300mm, 3600mm or 3900mm, whether with hypoid or with planetary-geared rear axles.

With our side panels, the tower is not only hidden, but the vehicle receives a great impressive look, which opens up completely new possibilities for your painter / labeler.

Heavy duty machines 4-axle in individual form

The standard MAN 8×4/4 heavy-duty tractor fits in principle for your application, but requires some adjustments to your application? We change overrun steering systems, assemble other auxiliary frames, support plates, rear crossbeams, change fifth-wheel support devices.

Also possible is a redesign of the heavy duty tower, the installation of side panels, retrofitting of additional cooling packages or additional compressors.

Heavy duty 4-axle machines with more traction

MAN has 8×4/4 heavy duty tractors are available ex works. We replace the non-driven front axle with a driven drive axle and bring more traction through the 8×6/4 drive to the ground. We realize this technically demanding solution with our own, compact transfer case. Thanks to our hydraulic front axle suspension, we are less than four meters overall height despite the MAN TGX XXL cab and are extremely comfortable to ride. At the same time, we install other frame fronts and frame rear end sections with higher pushing loads or towing loads. With our solutions, you may drive with 1 vehicle up to 500 tons, with 2 machines up to 750 tons and with 3 machines we exceed the 1000 tons. Since we do not start from a 6×6 basic configuration with a straight frame, we get the conventional fifth-wheel-height in the rear section or the low height in the case of ballast bridges thanks to our frame cranking.

For even more traction, solutions as 8×8 are also possible.

Heavy-duty machines 5-axle in the most compact form

We add on the factory-available wheel formula 8×4/4 a second front axle and thus have a 10×4/6-wheel formula. This keeps the important drive axles in the area where the load is. In contrast to retrofitting a trailing axle, the overall length is about 1000mm less! The new heavy-duty tower behind the cab also accommodates the exhaust silencer and battery box. The feedback from our customers shows that this solution offers significant advantages over a trailing axle installation.

Due to the two front axles a total weight of up to 53 tons is possible for the tractor!

Vehicle design – your requirement

If it could be a standard commercial vehicle, as your application requires, then you would not be with us. The more complex your challenge, the more you arouse our passion for special vehicles. We dive together into the depths of vehicle construction. You do not have to study to work closely with our engineers – but we ask you exactly what you need!

How do we work with you?

The personal contact between your expert and our design team is the key to success. The more complex the project, the more important the personal conversation.

What do you need to know?

We work at the highest level of vehicle construction, so we look forward to working with your experts at eye level and – especially with the bodybuilders – to exchange CAD data (ideally .ige or .dwg) in the AUTOCAD system. For confidential projects, often in the run-up to major trade fairs, we are your reliable partner.

What is important to us?

The clearer your basic information (case of application, times, requirement profile, description of special features / special requests) the faster we can put together the ideal product based on our many years of experience.

How do we get in touch?

Please send the necessary basic information to our email address. Then we will contact you.