TONI MAURER – our special vehicles.

TONI MAURER – our special vehicles.

Industry solutions by Toni Maurer

In many industries, there are solutions from Toni Maurer – whether hidden under the truck’s suiperstructure or quite obvious. Here you will find, whether bodybuilder, sales professional, procurer or final customer, various solutions for many industries – at “other industries” even more of our possibilities

Heavy Transportation






Municipality / Waste Industry / Road Maintainence


Crane & Mast







Water Management / Energy Providers


further industries


Special vehicles – your requirement

If a standard commercial vehicle could do the job your application requires, then you would not be with us. The more complex your challenge, the more you arouse our passion for special vehicles. Let’s dive together into the depths of heavy vehicle engineering. You do not have to be a PhD to work closely with our engineers – but we ask you exactly what you need!

How is the cooperation with you?

The personal contact between you/your expert and our design team is the key to success. The more complex the project, the more important the personal relation&conversation.

What YOU need to know

We work at the highest level of vehicle engineering, so we look forward to working with your experts at eye level and – especially with the bodybuilders – to exchange CAD data (ideally .ige or .dwg) in the AUTOCAD system. For confidential projects, often in the run-up to major trade fairs, we are your reliable partner.

What WE need to know

The clearer your basic information (case of application, time schedule, requirement profile, description of special features / special requests) the faster we can put together the ideal product based on our many years of experience.

How do we get in contact?

Please send all necessary basic information to our email address. Then we will contact you.

Special vehicles – you really got a problem?

Despite multiple certified quality control, it may happen that a defect in the delivered product comes to light or in the course of use, a problem has set. Unlike some of today’s practices, you will not be left alone! Even in the event of accidents or damage during hard use, we help you get your vehicle back in shape quickly.

In the “My Maurer” area, every customer – or his workshop – can access all important information about our work on the vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle, these are parts lists, spare parts lists, manuals, etc., which are available for download. With each vehicle this access is established.

Repair Clearende & Demand for Maurer Mechanic

The following procedure for defects: First, the form ‘repair clearance’ should be downloaded to your desktop/mobile device and filled out. Please send this completed form to Toni Maurer. We will examine the situation in detail and inform you immediately if we can give a repair clearance for an actual defect.

Only after receiving the repair clearance, the defect be repaired at the expense of Toni Maurer. We ask for your understanding that in case of non-compliance with this procedure, unfortunately, no costs can be assumed by Toni Maurer.

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