Transport solutions by Toni Maurer

Your specialty is the transport of goods of all kinds, whether solid / liquid / gaseous? Whether flatbed trailers, rear or three-way tippers, thermal insulated tippers, gussasphalt mixers, tanker vehicles, special semitrailer tractors or special semitrailers with low semi-trailer heights and glass transporters, we have the special solutions for your transport challenge. Whether long-distance or distribution vehicles, here too we have solutions from large tank volumes to the desired wheel formula in the portfolio.

Long-haul and distribution traffic

Standard truck-tractor unit does not fit? Not only do we have the right wheel formulas or chassis lengths, but we also build vehicles with a width of 2.3 meters with our “new width” – if the conditions require it. In addition to special semitrailer tractors we take care of all types of hydraulic equipment or frame attachments, be it large tank systems up to 1200 liters on a standard tractor or compressors. We also incorporate full air suspensions in leaf-air-sprung vehicles, such as the MAN TGL or the three-axle tractor units of the MAN TGX and TGS series.

This field is very wide, please introduce us to your challenge – we have the right solution for you


Construction site

There are enough applications on the construction site: whether tippers, crane tippers (see also “Crane and mast vehicles”), concrete mixers or tractor units of all kinds. Our modules allow versatile solutions.

And if you need a special solution, for example for a heavy spreader or a complicated micro-asphalt machine, we do that too.

Vehicles for water supply companies (compact, mountain supports, winches, etc.) or energy suppliers / powerline bath construction / line maintenance can be found under “Water management / energy suppliers” and the respective fields.

Tank and boiler vehicles

What does not sound like a classic field of application for special vehicles, can be deceiving. In addition to country-specific challenges, challenges are mainly about wheelbases and wheel formulas. Every kilo of payload counts here, and yet it should be a robust solution. An example is the tank truck 10×2/8: light and optimized in traction, but still agile.

By the way, suction excavators or flushing vehicles can be found under “Municipal” and “Waste Management”.


Glass transportation

While the glass long-distance transport travels classic saddle solutions, we create a problem-free transport solution in the regional area by our “new width” of approx. 2.3 meters, whereby still enough space remains for the glass rack mounted on the side of the truck.

Whether MAN TGM or TGS, whether 4×2 or 6×2, we have already created solutions.

Vehicle design – your requirement

If it could be a standard commercial vehicle, as your application requires, then you would not be with us. The more complex your challenge, the more you arouse our passion for special vehicles. We dive together into the depths of vehicle construction. You do not have to study to work closely with our engineers – but we ask you exactly what you need!

How do we work with you?

The personal contact between your expert and our design team is the key to success. The more complex the project, the more important the personal conversation.

What do you need to know?

We work at the highest level of vehicle construction, so we look forward to working with your experts at eye level and – especially with the bodybuilders – to exchange CAD data (ideally .ige or .dwg) in the AUTOCAD system. For confidential projects, often in the run-up to major trade fairs, we are your reliable partner.

What is important to us?

The clearer your basic information (case of application, times, requirement profile, description of special features / special requests) the faster we can put together the ideal product based on our many years of experience.

How do we get in touch?

Please send the necessary basic information to our email address. Then we will contact you.