Your solutions by Toni Maurer

De-icing of aircraft or maintenance of flight operations areas? Toughest use in extreme oilfield areas in the most difficult terrain, extreme climatic regions and with enormous payloads? Powered driveheads? Motorsport use in the entire range? Underground mining or road-rail use? We are happy to get to know something we never had up to now.

Airport vehicles

In addition to the fire brigade vehicles already shown, we have already got to know all areas of the airfield: catering vehicles, runway sweepers, rotary snow blowers, apron de-icers, aircraft de-icers or vehicles for grassland maintenance (see also “Agricultural” sector).

Like in no other branch, our modules combine in enormous variety.

Oilfield vehicles

The search for energy sources requires access to ever new areas. In addition to utility vehicles or drilling rigs with many axles and suitable tires, we have realized body-specific solutions up to nearly 60 tonnes of solo vehicle weight. Again, many of our modules are used in appropriate combination.

For use in extreme climatic regions further preparations are necessary – whether Arctic cold or sand desert typical heat.

Tractor head solutions

Different industries require tractor head solutions: whether in-plant transport, cable drum transporters, trenchers or special airfield vehicles. In addition to pure tractor-head front axle drive, we also build a second front axle or provide a drive and/or steering solution for the rear end to the individual frame construction.

We have medium and heavy vehicle range solutions, with mechanical and / or hydraulic drives.

Extreme operation in Motorsport

For many years, our vehicles have been used for long-distance rallies. The strain on man and material is enormous: we secure cabins with integrated rollcages, install reinforced cab supports, have developed their own leaf spring suspension which, in combination with special dampers of high oil volume, keep the movements under control at high speeds. Special fuel tank systems, engine offset, radiator and tank protection, tire pressure control systems, we deliver “ready-to-race” with our proven partner companies.

Still unknown area?

If you have a mission that we do not know yet, then we really want to get involved! We live the passion of vehicle construction and are always interested in new challenges. On this website we tried to represent as much as possible. But everything is not included, either because the page would otherwise have become infinitely large or because we are working on topics that are not yet ready for presentation or/and are subject to secrecy.

For e-mobility solutions, for example, we have already gained a lot of experience, which will soon be applied in several areas.

Vehicle design – your requirement

If it could be a standard commercial vehicle, as your application requires, then you would not be with us. The more complex your challenge, the more you arouse our passion for special vehicles. We dive together into the depths of vehicle construction. You do not have to study to work closely with our engineers – but we ask you exactly what you need!

How do we work with you?

The personal contact between your expert and our design team is the key to success. The more complex the project, the more important the personal conversation.

What do you need to know?

We work at the highest level of vehicle construction, so we look forward to working with your experts at eye level and – especially with the bodybuilders – to exchange CAD data (ideally .ige or .dwg) in the AUTOCAD system. For confidential projects, often in the run-up to major trade fairs, we are your reliable partner.

What is important to us?

The clearer your basic information (case of application, times, requirement profile, description of special features / special requests) the faster we can put together the ideal product based on our many years of experience.

How do we get in touch?

Please send the necessary basic information to our email address. Then we will contact you.