Crane & mast solutions by Toni Maurer

You have to go far up / to the side / down, whether with workers or material? You only drive paved roads, occasional dirt roads, impassable construction sites or even extreme terrain? Concrete pump, telescopic aerial platform, loading crane, mobile crane, drilling rig? It will be demaning in terms of vehicle’s length or height or width? You are running short with axle load? You need outriggers up to 300kN front or back? Then we look together at the right solution in your field of application. From two to six axles, we will do the right thing underneath your superstructure.


The variety of loading crane manufacturers and sizes is enormous. For special challenges we offer customized solutions. Our front or rear support opens up a much wider range of use for the crane, which is exactly the reason why you are buying it. Furthermore, we integrate cranes into complete vehicle solutions – whether the vehicle remains a clean crane vehicle, or additionally has to fulfill a transport task with flatbed, tipper and / or fifth wheel. If necessary, we also build our own vehicle frame to meet as many requirements as possible!

Often, the chassis is the limiting element of a crane vehicle – thanks to our solutions, you can use the crane to its full potential.

Mobile crane or drilling rig

Similar to the concrete pumps, mobile cranes an optimum time required by the crane builder: many of our cab modules (flat roof / roof-cut), frame (offset of attachments) and wheel formula (additional axle/s). So everyone cares about their core competence: the bodybuilder to the crane body and we to the chassis according to the needs of the end customer AND the bodybuilder.

In the case of drilling rigs, the high off-road capability is usually a requirement, and then we fit the vehicle for specific applications. We assemble the suitable carrier vehicle from the MAN TGM 4×4 to the multi-axle TGS chassis. In addition to the classic four-wheel drive chassis 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 (with or without roof cut-outs / flat roofs), Hydrodrive vehicles also offer interesting solution options, eg. by mounting a trailing axle on a MAN Hydrodrive 6H6. This creates an 8H6 with triple axle unit rear, low cab top and yet suitable traction wheels.

Concrete pump

A concrete pump presents special challenges. There are strong power take-offs required, as well as a large space for the pump piston. It becomes tricky because of the mast system: clearance above the cab roof (mast must be placed over the cab), behind the first front axle (outriggers must disappear in the contour) and the correct installation of additional axles to match the mast system to stay within the right axle loads. We make the carrier vehicle suitable for the mast system in close cooperation with the bodybuilder.

Their core competence is to put concrete in the right place – our job is to put the right chassis under it.

Telescopic aerials

In the case of telescopic platforms / aerials, there are – in principle – comparable challenges as with the mast system of the concrete pump. However, as aerials always reach higher working heights with higher loads, and thus the mast system becomes larger, further requirements for the cab and wheel formula are added. Often telescopic platforms are used in rough terrain, so it is important to go the right way in terms of wheel formula.

From two to the six-axle-vehicle, we have different solutions ready. Whether by means of agricultural tires for the roughest terrain, all-wheel steering for the narrowest topographies or through the integrated mounting of several axles including a low cab. Our solutions are in use worldwide.

Vehicle design – your requirement

If it could be a standard commercial vehicle, as your application requires, then you would not be with us. The more complex your challenge, the more you arouse our passion for special vehicles. We dive together into the depths of vehicle construction. You do not have to study to work closely with our engineers – but we ask you exactly what you need!

How do we work with you?

The personal contact between your expert and our design team is the key to success. The more complex the project, the more important the personal conversation.

What do you need to know?

We work at the highest level of vehicle construction, so we look forward to working with your experts at eye level and – especially with the bodybuilders – to exchange CAD data (ideally .ige or .dwg) in the AUTOCAD system. For confidential projects, often in the run-up to major trade fairs, we are your reliable partner.

What is important to us?

The clearer your basic information (case of application, times, requirement profile, description of special features / special requests) the faster we can put together the ideal product based on our many years of experience.

How do we get in touch?

Please send the necessary basic information to our email address. Then we will contact you.